Mayumi Brown


I am a business development manager at Renaissance UK branch. Renaissance has been operating for 33 years focusing on skill based assessment solution as well as development of comprehension from reading, Since last year I have been appointed to promote literacy solution in Japan. I am originally from Japan, now based in UK, living with a British husband and 2 primary school aged children. I look forward to presenting how the Renaissance solution can deliver results to you and your students. Also plan to join as many session as I can to learn more about industry!



Sat, Aug 22, 13:20-14:00 JST

発表順 Nelies Book Store Jo Ando (8mins) Renaissance Japan Mayumi Brown (8mins) Cosmopier Tachibana (8mins) Xreading Paul (3mins) Scholastics Japan K. Sekiguchi (3mins) ENGLISHBOOKS Masayuki Nakadake (3mins) Pearson Japan Kaga (3mins)

Associate Members' Presentation (English)

Sat, Aug 22, 13:55-14:35 JST

The following presenters will each speak for about 4-5 minutes about their offerings: Nellie’s English Books (Jo Ando) (Mayumi Brown) Xreading (Paul Goldberg) Scholastics Japan (Kozue Sekiguchi) Englishbooks (Colin Bethel) Cosmopier (Haruo Ono) MangoSTEEMS (Julian Warden) Guy Cihi (Lexxica)