I am the founder and president of Xreading. I will give a brief overview of the Xreading virtual library, and tell you about some new features. I will also introduce our newest partner, Sunshine Books, and their excellent books for young learners.


Associate Members' Presentation (English)

Sat, Aug 22, 13:55-14:35 JST

The following presenters will each speak for about 4-5 minutes about their offerings: Nellie’s English Books (Jo Ando) (Mayumi Brown) Xreading (Paul Goldberg) Scholastics Japan (Kozue Sekiguchi) Englishbooks (Colin Bethel) Cosmopier (Haruo Ono) MangoSTEEMS (Julian Warden) Guy Cihi (Lexxica)


Sat, Aug 22, 13:20-14:00 JST

発表順 Nelies Book Store Jo Ando (8mins) Renaissance Japan Mayumi Brown (8mins) Cosmopier Tachibana (8mins) Xreading Paul (3mins) Scholastics Japan K. Sekiguchi (3mins) ENGLISHBOOKS Masayuki Nakadake (3mins) Pearson Japan Kaga (3mins)