Richard Day

University of Hawai'i

Dr. Richard R. Day, professor, Department of Second Language Studies, University of Hawaii, is the author of numerous publications, particularly on second language reading. His publications include New Ways in Teaching Reading (2nd edition), and Teaching Reading (2nd edition), He is the co-author of Extensive Reading in the Second Language Classroom, and the co-editor of Extensive Reading Activities for Teaching Language. Professor Day is also the co-author of Impact Issues Books 1 – 3, and Cover to Cover, Books 1 – 3. He is the co-editor of the online scholarly journal, Reading in a Foreign Language (, and co-founder of the Extensive Reading Foundation ( His career in teaching English as a foreign language began in Seoul.


Extensive Reading in Practice

Sat, Aug 22, 11:00-12:00 JST

The focus of my presentation is on how extensive reading is actually used in second and foreign language (L2) contexts and its impact. I begin with a brief overview of extensive reading in which I discuss the history and nature of extensive reading. Next, I go over the ten principles that my colleague, Julian Bamford, and I formulated from our analysis of successful extensive reading programs. This is followed by a discussion of the findings of a study on the practice of extensive reading and the extent to which the 10 principles were reported to have been used. I then go over the effects of extensive reading on L2 learning. My presentation concludes with some speculation on the practice of extensive reading in the near future.