Guy Cihi

Lexxica R&D

We now offer free ER ability tests with curated lists of appropriate ER book titles. The ER ability scores and book recommendations are based on the specific words each student knows. Be confident your students are reading at 97% to 100% lexical coverage. The test scores and book recommendations are free (we don't sell or rent books.) The free ability tests are here: The curated book lists are here:


Associate Members' Presentation (English)

Sat, Aug 22, 13:55-14:35 JST

The following presenters will each speak for about 4-5 minutes about their offerings: Nellie’s English Books (Jo Ando) (Mayumi Brown) Xreading (Paul Goldberg) Scholastics Japan (Kozue Sekiguchi) Englishbooks (Colin Bethel) Cosmopier (Haruo Ono) MangoSTEEMS (Julian Warden) Guy Cihi (Lexxica)