Stuart McLean

Momoyama Gakuin University

Stuart McLean (PGCE, MSEd, Ph.D.) is an instructor at Momoyama Gakuin University in Japan. He teaches Zemi classes, study skills, project-based learning, business English, marketing English, English, and research writing. He has published in Applied Linguistics, Language Testing, TESOL Quarterly, Language Teaching Research, Language Assessment Quarterly, Studies in Second Language Acquisition, Reading in a Foreign Language, System, and Vocabulary Learning and Instruction, on the topics of vocabulary, language assessment, listening, and ER.


Improving ER research and the case for ER

Sat, Aug 22, 14:40-15:45 JST

There is a great need for improved ER research, and robust ER research is one way in which we can help promote ER and improve how it is conducted. However, ER does not lend itself to experimental or highly controlled studies. An easy way in which to conduct more robust ER research is to avoid the limitations of past research. Thus, this workshop will explain some all too often forgotten research fundamentals and how they apply to ER research, and make some specific recommendations for future research.