Haruo Ono

CosmoPier Publishing Company

I am a Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of CosmoPier Publishing Company. I am pleased to have an opportunity to present our rapidly growing online platform named e-Station, ie. The Digital Library for Extensive Reading (appx 1,300 cotents) and Extensive Listening (appx 2,500 contents). My profile at Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/haruo-ono-57bb3715/


Associate Members' Presentation (English)

Sat, Aug 22, 13:55-14:35 JST

The following presenters will each speak for about 4-5 minutes about their offerings: Nellie’s English Books (Jo Ando) Rennaisance.com (Mayumi Brown) Xreading (Paul Goldberg) Scholastics Japan (Kozue Sekiguchi) Englishbooks (Colin Bethel) Cosmopier (Haruo Ono) MangoSTEEMS (Julian Warden) Guy Cihi (Lexxica)