Maha Hassan

Teaching ESL Hub

Maha Hassan is an Educational Consultant, Teacher Trainer and Founder/Ceo of Teaching ESL Hub. She is also the Newsletter Editor for IP & SEN IATEFL SIG and Language Instructor at the Faculty of Economics and Politics, Cairo University. She was nominated for Lead 5050 Women in International Education Award – WIE 2018 for her work as an Academic Director. She has presented at a number of International Conferences including IATEFL, Tesol International Convention-CALL IS EVO and Nile Tesol. She had a number of articles published on IATEFL Voices, Pilgrims “A New Contribution to Bloom’s Taxonomy”, HEIS International Tesol Newsletter, Nile Tesol Newsletters and She blogs on:


Task-based Story Writing

Sat, Aug 22, 14:40-15:45 JST

"This workshop aims at improving writing skills through storytelling using task-based learning. Storytelling is an important element that helps students practice using the new vocabulary and grammar learnt and thus develop their speaking skill. This can also be used to help students use the newly learnt items to develop their writing skill as well, thus consolidating the final step of Bloom’s Taxonomy ‘Creating’. Through this presentation I will engage the teachers in a sequence of tasks for writing a collection of short stories introducing the different elements for doing that using the vocabulary and grammar learnt through graphic organizers. These help them become aware of the practical application and benefit of using Task-Based Learning in class with the help of technology."