Rezwana Islam

University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh

I am a language teacher and researcher who believes in the power of learning beyond classroom.


Role of Positive Discourse Analysis in Adult EFL learners’ Extensive Reading Motivation

Sat, Aug 22, 17:10-Mon, Aug 31, 12:00 JST

Nowadays, EFL learners’ reading preferences have shifted from a self-induced habit to a society-induced necessity. Assessment based reading in curriculums comes with the challenge of decoding a text for literal meaning. Besides the internet, extensive reading of unverified opinionated text presenting burning issues makes learners demotivated or biased. So, introducing positive discourse analysis to students is crucial, so they can identify the positive ideas of a text. It will change their outlook towards the world and increase their interest towards reading in general. This presentation will focus on the ways of implementing positive discourse analysis for extensive reading at the university level.