Tom Robb

Kyoto Sangyo University (Emeritus)

Tom Robb is currently Chair of the Extensive Reading Foundation, as well as being the creator and manager of the extensive reading quiz platform. He is also the chair of the TESOL Reading & Vocabulary Interest Section (RV-IS) and editor of In previous incarnations he has been a Founder and 2nd President of JALT, President of PacCALL, a member of the TESOL International Board, and at various times chair of the TESOL EFL and CALL interest sections.


Contradictory info on Graded Reader levels. Which do we believe?

Sat, Aug 22, 10:20-10:50 JST

"Graded Readers"" are supposedly ""graded"" according to their difficulty. While the grading may be internally consistent for a specific publisher, comparing even a few of the most popular series shows that books with an identical headword counts can be labelled at widely different levels on the CEFR scale. We will first outline the various criteria that might be used to establish text difficulty and then explore the inconsistencies when matched against each other. Finally, we shall make some recommendations for teachers on how to make sound decisions on suitable material for their students despite this morass of contradictory information."